What’s the difference between generic, store brand and professional skin care?

Generic skin care, store brand skin care, name brand skin care and professional skin care…what really is the difference and which is truly better? The ads are in our faces every day, each one claiming that their skin care products are better than all the others out there. But how much truth is there to those claims? Is the $500 cream 100 times better than the $5 one? There isn’t an easy yes or no answer to this question. There are many factors to consider when answering such a question.

One of the first thing that sets higher end, designer and name brand skin care products apart from their lower priced generic skin care counter parts is the packaging. The actual look of the jar or bottle the product comes in can change how we feel when we buy and use the product. Beautiful packaging sets a mood and has a distinct feel to it. Some products are works of art that we want to set out on our counters to enjoy the look of, while others we want to hide under the cabinet. The packaging does have an effect on the product however. Some plastics are known to leach chemicals, toxins that you do not want to be applying to your skin. Look for plastics that are BPA (bisphenol A) free. Glass jars and clear plastics can have a nice look, but light tends to degrade the active ingredient in many products. Pick packaging that is opaque or tinted to prevent the degradation of your products.

Name and popularity of the brand can dramatically increase the pricing of designer and name brand skin care. At times you can pay several times the true worth of the product simply for a brand. Having a ‘name’ on your products does not always guarantee an increase in the effectiveness of what’s contained in the package carrying that name. Do your research, often times you find that the lab that makes the ‘named’ product also has a regular line that is more affordable but the same product. Be careful when picking skin care from ‘designer’ names that are not known for skin care as their primary business.

There is one huge, glaring factor that’s often the critical difference between a generic skin care product and a higher end designer, name brand or professional skin care line. Active ingredients. A product is only as good as the active ingredients contained within because they are what will be curing your skin woes. Generic skin care brands often have the lowest level and quality of active ingredients. Named skin care brands, designer skin care brands and high end department store skin care brands have a higher level of active ingredients. Professional skin care lines contain the highest ingredients but they are often hard to obtain as you can only get them from a spa, esthetician or dermatologist. For most people, the middle ground is the best. Generics will not often give you the results you are looking for while professional lines can be too harsh, too expensive and too hard to get. Most skin care products will give you a concentration of the active ingredients in percentage form. If the active ingredients are not listed as a percentage, you can check the label to see where they are listed. If they are toward the bottom of the list, then they are low and hidden in a lot of filler.

No matter which level of skin care product you pick, if you follow the tips listed you will find the best deal with the best potential to help your skin. Don’t be fooled into thinking that names and pretty packaging mean a top quality item. A little research can save you from wasting money on a cheap product with nothing but fillers or an expensive product made needlessly more expensive by a pretty jar and a fancy name.

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